Why to use Manitou App for online roulette?

Simple. Easy to use. Giving an edge to your playing style. Fine-tuned money management. 15+ years of experience with online RNG roulette. Many systems & strategies tested and evaluated. Proven to work. Comes along with long-term strategy for online roulette. Increasing your chance to win against RNG on maximum level. All algorithms, systems and betting styles explained. No fake, no lies, no 100% sure winning system. Maximum experience, personal advices, 200+ real live recorded sessions in online casinos.

You might ask what kind of systems I've tried in the past. I guess probably more than 100 systems with different settings, money management or parameters (Martingale, Anti-Martingale, La Bouchere, Parlays, Fibonacci Advantage Skipping Technique, D'Alembert, 3/2, Oskar's Grind, Paroli, Plateau, Ormond, Billy Winton, Wave effect, ZigZag dominance, No repeat, Delta numbers, NICHE, Leading lines, Clusters, HGF Ratio, Last 12 unique, Tercius, Dozens, Columns ... list goes on and on). All of them just failed. Some of them survived a bit longer, but anyway were losing money. Why? Because to become profitable and successful online roulette player you need to combine several things together. The best of art tracking, analysing and predicting App (Manitou), fine-tuned money management, long-term strategy, fair RNG in casinos. All of these ingredients you will get here.

In the last 15+ years, I searched the internet quite intensively for all possible roulette systems. So far, I haven't found any App, system or strategy which could be compared to Manitou App. There is nothing better for online roulette which could provide such a great, reasonable, sustainable and verifiable results.

Manitou App algorithms hunt RNG outcomes

App uses fix patterns in combination with family patterns' numbers + dynamically adjust predictions every single spin. All predictions are always in tact with currently generated numbers by online roulette RNG following statistics and probability.

Play several different approaches within one App

App includes several different prediction methods, such as Maximum hit, Expectation hit, Non hit and Manitou mode. Plus allows you to define ranges for these methods, to enable maximum flexibility for potential systems' tests. On top App gives you overview about Normal distribution in the last 37 spins to better identify whether it is better to bet on frequently hitting numbers, sleepers or average hit.

Fine-tuned money management

With so many years of experience of playing online roulette and trading on commodity markets I developed money management for roulette systems which provides maximum durability, stability and potential to achieve your profit targets.

Extremely stable profit results

The predicted numbers hit very, very often and even if there are some slightly bigger drawdowns, App gives you pretty good chance to come back, recover and start earning again. In combination with long-term strategy, it becomes almost unbeatable by fair RNG.

System developed together with Swiss group of online roulette players

We joined our strengths, knowledge and experience with systems for online roulette and random number generators and came up with Manitou App as so far the best tool for analysing numbers' sequences and providing the predictions for online roulette.

Reasonable. Sustainable. Verifiable. Profit results.

Reasonable . . . app uses the best algos which come from my observation of RNG for many years, statistics, probability, normal (Gauss) distribution
Sustainable . . . money management which is proven to work on commodity and stock markets I apply also for online roulette. Well prepared bankroll, basebet, spins, levels, progression aggressiveness, maximum risk, variance from average, profit target, stop loss are giving very strong base for long-term sustainability.
Verifiable . . . i share many and many real live online roulette sessions on youtube, there is no cut, no fake, no skip, no hide, all is shared as it happened including withdrawals. Yes, there will be always time to time drawdowns or a few lost deposits, but Manitou App in combination with long-term strategy provides ultimate solution for long-term profits.

Long-term strategy how to become profitable online roulette player

Your target is turn minimum 6 out of 10 deposits to 100% or more profit. This works for me already years quite well.

Clear example:

Starting general bankroll 4000$, divide it into 10 x 400$ = 10 deposits (if you currently cannot allocate 4k$, you can start with 2k$ and maintain deposit to 200$ and basebet to 0,10$. If even 2k$ would be too much for you in the beginning, you can take only 200$, deposit 20$ and play with basebet 0,01$)

Deposit 400$ to your online casino, play with Manitou App (or you can try any other App from my portfolio Crawler, Preacher, Black Pirate, Musketeers, VRSEDGE) and aim for 800$.
If reached, withdraw the whole amount of 800$.
Next step is again deposit of 400$, and the same approach.

Base on your picked strategy you should be able to finish minimum 6 deposits with 100% profit or more, if not, you should evaluate your strategy & system, try out another App or settings, run more tests etc. I exclusively share my complete strategies & systems as I believe this is the way how you can successfully compete with online RNG roulette even from long-term perspective. Good luck to all and stay strong :)

1, Find trustful and audited online roulette casino

My experience:
Casino Club - I am member 10+ years, fast payouts, 100% trustful, great support
Pokerstars - I am member 8+ years, fast payouts, 100% trustful, great support
Unibet - Very long time on the market, fast payouts, 100% trustful
bwin - Very long time on the market, fast payouts, 100% trustful

2, Develop own strategy and system

... well, if you are not sure which system, strategy or application to use. It does not really matter. The best choice worldwide is Manitou App. No other discussions needed. You will understand very soon, why.

3, Fine-tune your parameters and money management rules

In case you've chosen Manitou App and you are not sure which ones and how, do this:
Spins: 20, Levels: 1, ProgAgg: 3.6%, Basebet: 0,20$, MaxBB: 2, VfA: 1 (basebet values are valid for 400$ - 1500$ bankroll)
You will adapt Basebet base on your bankroll, e.g. bankroll = 400$ -> Basebet: 0,20$, bankroll = 1500$ -> Basebet: 0,40$, bankroll = 10000$ -> Basebet: 2 - 4$ . . .

4, Go to online casino, generate first 37 spins and enter them to Manitou App

Manitou App algorithms need first 37 spins to generate predictions. Most of the evaluations are done base on the last 37 spins. Generating and entering 37 numbers takes just a few minutes.

5, Play until RRR = 10:0 and then finish the session, close the table

If you go through unsuccessful progression, maintain VfA coeff. to 4 or 8 and start betting with higher basebet amounts.
You can also keep VfA = 1 and manually increase basebet to higher value, e.g. you played 0,20$ basebet and lost 16 spins of progression (8 Spins, 2 levels), increase basebet to 0,80$ or 1,6$ and start again new 16 spins progression, once you recover reset to 0,20$. If you lose complete deposit (rare case), use another one base on Long-term strategy mentioned above.
Repeat unlimited times following deposit rules from beginning.

6, StopLoss, Trailing StopLoss

bankroll 400$ - 800$ -> no StopLoss defined, you play with the whole amount (All in)
bankroll > 800$ -> you make a withdrawal minimum 800$ if you e.g. have 1000$ and go down to 800$, you stop playing and withdraw 800$, no exceptions
Trailing StopLoss
you started with 400$ bankroll, you reached 2000$, your StopLoss won't be 800$, but you will move it to 1500$. Whenever you reach 100% profit, in our case bankroll is 800$ + 2*500$ you will move your StopLoss.
bankroll 400$, reached profit 800$, you continue to play and you reached 1800$ (2*500$ + 100% profit), your StopLoss is 1800$ - 500$ = 1300$. Which means, whenever you go down from 1800 to 1300, you stop playing and withdraw 1300$ = Trailing StopLoss.

7, Profit target

Profit target
reach 100% profit or more, if deposit is 400$, profit target is 800$.
Shifted profit target
in case that you already reached 100% profit for 3 consecutive deposits, you can play further with 4th deposit, once 100% is reached
from 3 last deposits you created 3*800$, now you play 4th deposit 400$, you reached 800$, do not make a withdrawal, but play further. Once you reach 1300$, set your StopLoss on 800$, which means the worst profit from this deposit will be 100%. You can open up your basebet and increase it to 0,30$ or 0,40$ because you have already StopLoss in place and you cannot lose your 100% profit + you can potentially create e.g. 500% profit or more from the 4th deposit

That's pretty much it. Easy, right? Happy playing and see you at the tables!

Important statement

Any App or system for online roulette cannot provide 100% sure or winning system. No one can guarantee you the profit playing online roulette.In general be ready to lose some of your deposits, on the other hand be ready to withdraw all money if you turn your deposit to 100% or more profit.All what I share on my webpages, youtube channel and with Manitou App comes from the real live online roulette experience and knowledge for 15+ years.Using Manitou App, my strategies and systems I am happy to compete with online RNG roulette anytime and everyday!

Profit results

You are probably curious how is the Manitou App doing in live online roulette sessions in real casinos. Yes, you've heard a lot of great things about the app, but now is time to prove it. And here it is. I play with Manitou app daily, I record many of my live sessions, just as it happened. I provide advices, help and explanation. I share also tough sessions, it is a part of the game.

For particular deposits I open YouTube playlist which consists of episodes which I've played. My aim is to follow long-term strategy. Deposit e.g. 400$, turn it into 800$, which means 100% profit, withdrawal and start again. A very few deposits can be lost in rare cases, but it is again part of the game. Some deposits I play further to achieve even higher profit than 100%.

The newest journeys & episodes with Manitou App you will find on my YouTube channel VRSEDGE . I record live online roulette sessions, there is no cut, no fake, no skip. I share it with you as it happened in reality in online casinos.

Journey #1 | Deposit 160 Euro | Casino Club | Cumulative RRR 412:14 | Achieved profit 775+%
Keep in mind that some episodes are played with Spins 20 or 12 or 6 and different levels like 1 or 2, therefore if RRR shows e.g. 18:2 it might be quite well successful because of spins 12 and levels 1, in other words losing only 12 spins progression is cheap and we can very quickly recover with next 12 spins progression with increased basebet.

What Early Adopters (online roulette colleagues) say about the impressions using Manitou App:
I'd like to add that it is important for me that online roulette colleagues who decided to use and play with Manitou App will reach the interesting and promising results because it shows that the App is really the best of art for RNG numbers' prediction and helping not only me but also other players to achieve personal profit goals and targets.

email reference

email reference

email reference

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email reference Manitou App

email reference Manitou App

How it works

I like maximum transparency, trust, openness, passion and easy to understand explanations. Therefore I share with you what features, functions and algorithms are part of Manitou App.

On top I prepared quick video guide "How to use Manitou App" so that you can within just a few minutes start playing and the most probably generate interesting profits.
“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.” - Elbert Hubbard

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Quick guide "How to use Manitou App"

FAQ about online roulette, RNG and systems

Are online casinos fair and can I trust their Random number generators?
. . . most of the online casinos are fair and RNG is not manipulated. Always check how long is casino on the martket and whether they have audit for RNG . . . ( trustful casinos base on my experience: Casino Club, Pokerstars, bwin, Unibet)

Can I find or develop 100% winning system or strategy?
. . . no. There is no discussion about that, if anyone offers 100% sure or winning system for online roulette it is scam. Never trust that.

Why people play online roulette if there is not 100% winning system?
. . .playing online roulette is fun and entertaining. And if you use well prepared system, money management and strategy, it can be most of the time profitable activity.

Can I use and play Martingale progression on Red/Black?
. . .yes you can, but you will always lose. Why? Because there are table limits for betting + you will not be satisfied with small winnings e.g. 1$ risking 1000$ if it goes wrong + you won't be patient enough to wait for non frequent patterns like 8 times in a row Red/Black.

Will casino close my account if I win frequently and make a withdrawal?
. . . again, if you are in fair casino, it won't happen. Casino knows that time to time you will lose some money. And in general if you are in plus, you will probably promote your success which means new players and new losers for casino because they are not experienced like you. Actually casino is happy to have several frequently winning players = best promotion.

Can I find or develop any profitable system for online roulette?
. . . well, you can develop a system, but to become profitable player you need much more than that. The complete set is:
1, strong and well tested online roulette system, ideally App tracking the numbers
2, sound and meaningful money management (bankroll, basebet, progression, long-term strategy)
3, no emotions
4, be ready to lose several deposits, it is part of the game
5, fair casino with audited RNG

Can I predict exactly the outcomes of RNG in online casino?
. . . nope, it is RNG or pseudo RNG, therefore no one can predict exactly the numbers' sequence if RNG is implemented properly. Some casinos use laser beam or CPU frequency to generate initial seed for RNG, therefore you cannot copy the seed and reveal numbers' sequence.

Can I trust Youtube videos where some system sellers show winning money but do not reveal the system or app or strategy? Should I buy from them?
. . . look, most of the systems' sellers share only successful sessions. Just accept it. He/She might be winning on video, but in reality it was once and other 3 sessions in minus. Fair and open person who offers systems/Apps should provide long term records of his/her live online roulette sessions + reveal long term strategy + money management + system + clearly mention that there is no 100% winning system. If this is not the case, never buy anything from these scammers.

Can you explain, finally once for all, the house edge values?
. . . yes, American Roulette House Edge: 5.26% due to double zero, European Roulette House Edge: 2.7% due to single zero, French Roulette House Edge: 1.35% due to half back rule (for even money bets only), it is mathematical certainty.

Does system or concept of Hot & Cold numbers work?
. . . nope, it is fallacy, from very short term perspective, it looks that some numbers hit more often and they do. But already in mid-term perspective all numbers will tend to hit the same amount of time because of law of average.

Does online roulette RNG have a memory? What are the odds of spins?
. . . there is no memory, every spin has every number the exact same odds as the spin before it. On the other hand you won't see numbers' sequence like ... 6, 4, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 30, ... because of statistical and probability laws or simply there won't be just one number hitting all the time.

Are betting systems legal to use in online casinos?
. . . yes, as long as they're not cheating. You can use any App or system to improve your play and follow money management rules.

Can you share with us, base on your 15+ years of experience, the best settings/limits for casino tables?
. . . of course, table with limits 0,10$ - 5000$, it is not often available, but it is the best. Good enough is also 0,10$ - 5$ on one particular number. Later on you will switch to 1$ - 1000$ limits if you have bigger bankroll.

Should I take welcome or other bonuses provided by online casinos? How does it work actually?
. . . you can always make your own decision, base on my long experience, I don't take any bonus offers from casinos. Why? There are several reasons. Wagering limit = you have to put on table e.g. 2000$ to be able to withdraw 50$ bonus which means you have to play a lot of games, longer time, which means high chance to lose your deposit including bonus. On top of that bonus has often expiry date, so you are pushed to meet wagering requirements within e.g. 1 month. If you want to withdraw money and your bonus still needs some wagering amount, you will lose bonus. Simply I recommend to play just with your own money. Bonus is just a bait from casino to play more aggressively + do not follow your money management rules and potentially lose more.

What is your recommended bankroll size?
. . . it depends on your basebet, I typically play with 400$ deposit and 0,20$ basebet, the minimum deposit is for me 300$ for 0,20$ basebet. Do not try to break the bank with 50$ deposit and basebet 0,20$ or higher. With such a small bankroll you cannot cover any meaningful progression.

What is your the biggest profit (percentage) so far?
. . . i was able to reach 1250% profit from deposit 400 Euro. Consequently I made a withdrawal using trailing stop loss.

How do you see the potential future development of the bankrolls and basebets, what are the targets?
. . . as you know I typically play with 400$ deposits. Soon, I'd like to switch to 3x-4x higher deposits like 1200$ or 1600$ and basebet 0,40$. It will already provide quite motivating profits comparing to playing time. Another step is to reach basebet 1$ with bankrolls like 4000$ or 5000$. At this stage if you consider average episode's profit as RRR 9:0 and 40$ (basebet 0,20$) it will provide approx. 200$ per episode, which can take just 10 minutes to reach. With such a low time investment and high earnings ratio will online roulette provide very strong additional income stream.

Can really anyone become profitable online roulette player?
. . . answer is obvious, most of the people playing online roulette lose money and will keep losing the money. Now you'd ask why? Because they will never approach the roulette from proper perspective, they will never understand or accept the facts about necessary key building stones to become profitable. It is not just a roulette system. They will constantly search for holy grail and 100% winning systems for online roulette, which is nonsense. I already mentioned several times, to become profitable online roulette player you need to have the best of art system, fine-tuned money management, long-term strategy, no emotions (not easy always), fair RNG and casino and attitude to be able to sacrifice time to time some deposits to achieve long-term profitability.

Can I play online roulette for living?
. . . well, there might be a few guys doing that, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd say that the best approach is to combine your work income, business income and online roulette income because you will play roulette as a passion. You won't be under pressure to win today because you need to pay bills. So you will focus on the game easier and you can create interesting additional income stream for yourself.

Get Manitou App


Base on the overall results, Manitou App in combination with Long-term strategy shows one of the most reasonable, sustainable and verifiable profit results. So far I haven’t found any comparable system, app or strategy worldwide, which would provide such a performance. (but as I always say, it is not 100% sure winning system, such a system cannot be developed)

Manitou App is exclusive professional program, which gives any user or roulette player significant advantage. It is unique tool. It helps me to earn interesting additional income stream without any app selling. My aim is to provide the App to passionate experienced online roulette players and keep it within small group of people worldwide. My wish is to have the App equally distributed in the world, so I provide only very limited number of copies which applies also for every continent (mainly base on number of population). E.g. Europe has 30 copies, if it is sold-out, there won't be any more copies.

I consider the Manitou App as professional tool which I developed together with Swiss roulette colleagues therefore I have to offer the App for a higher price tag than other Apps. Preliminary price is 679$.

If you decide to play with Manitou App now, you can still obtain quite amazing discount 27% from preliminary price as early adopter. Which would make Manitou App available for you after discount for: 495$.

Have you already purchased any other App or PDF guide from me? Send me the info and I will give you additional discount 15% to already discounted price. Which means 27% + 15% = 42% discount and It makes Manitou App available for: 393$

Have you joined any paid or FREE webinar at Udemy from me? Send me the info and I will give you additional discount 5%. Which means 27% + 15% + 5% = 47% discount and It makes Manitou App available for you for just 359$.

I don’t push anyone to purchase anything from me. I do provide the possibility and options for another passionate online roulette players to benefit from my research, development and experience. I am quite satisfied with results which I reach at live online roulette sessions and casinos as it is for me the interesting income stream without any Apps selling.
You can also wait some days, weeks or months and observe how Manitou App is doing together with long-term strategy as I am going to share all my live plays with the App. So far reached and documented profit is 100% at Unibet casino, 775% at Casino club and 30%+ at Bwin casino. No deposit lost.

If you have any questions, queries, ideas or hints, I will be happy to answer. You can contact me in 4 languages (English, Deutsch, Cesky, Slovensky).

Email contact:

NOTE: Early birds 27% discount + Already purchased 15% discount + Udemy 5% discount are only valid now for early adopters. As more and more successful sessions will be achieved also the price will appreciate and increase until the reach of maximum number of copies. I recommend you to take one copy of Manitou App for you right now still for the great price discount, before it is sold-out or more expensive. It might happen that you will comeback to this website after some more unsuccessful games and lost deposits, you will finally decide to play with Manitou App, but App will be sold-out or price already significantly higher. So far it has provided such an awesome results for me, that price increase is just matter of a short time.


GENERAL CONDITIONS: Playing online roulette is risky and your capital is at risk. I am not responsible for any losses if you decide to use my Apps and systems. I do not guarantee the profit and do not offer any 100% sure or winning system. If you would find on internet that someone says he/she offers 100% winning system or that you cannot lose with his/her system, it is scam. Don't trust such offers because nobody can guarantee you a profit playing online roulette.

I don't provide any money refund. If you don't want to buy, use and play with Manitou App, just don't buy it. All new versions of the Manitou App will be distributed for FREE to all people who purchased the App.

You know my work, you can see my results almost live on YouTube. I provide my own way how I do compete with online RNG roulette, sometimes it is tough also for me, but base on my results, this approach works. Without App or sound system I wouldn't even open an online roulette site :)

By purchasing Manitou App you agree that you won't share Manitou App with anyone else and you will use the App only for your own personal targets.

Important Windows 10 settings for proper Apps functionality: Base on the feedback from roulette colleagues using my Apps, you have to setup in Windows 10 "REGION and LANGUAGE" = English (United States) and in Additional settings check "NUMBERS" and "CURRENCY" tabs that they also follow United States setting. App is suitable for Win10. (older versions of Windows, Android or iOS are currently not supported. Thank you and enjoy the online roulette play with Manitou App.

Get Manitou App LIGHT

manitou app light explanation manitou app light explanation

Quick guide for the newest version of the LIGHT

Quick guide for older version of the LIGHT

I've received a lot of requests/questions mostly from online roulette players who are at the beginning or slightly advanced playing online roulette with Apps and systems. They've asked me whether It would be possible to have something like Manitou App LIGHT as they would like to play with simplified version of Manitou App, betting on 4 numbers (cheaper progression) and they expect a lower price for LIGHT version of the App. Still they'd like to play with professional App but with a lower investment costs as they are mostly at the beginning of the online roulette journey.

I've started to analyse how much development, analysing and testing effort it would mean. Plus I wanted to add an adjusted algos, not completely following Manitou App. This is how Manitou App LIGHT was born.

It is maximum simplified but still professional App providing numbers predictions on 4 numbers. It includes Gitche algo, adjusted for 4 numbers and slightly changed + NH Trigger algo, completely new one, which follows current Nonhit of all defined fixed patterns and base on your condition bets on these patterns if any of the pattern numbers hits + algo Teepee which uses frequency of Hit/Nonhit and expectation of hit. It means 3 algos, maximum simplicity.

As I mentioned, the aim for the Manitou App LIGHT is to provide a professional systems to online roulette players which are starting their online roulette journey for the feasible price. You can always decide in the future to go even one step higher and play with Manitou App.

Therefore I can offer Manitou App LIGHT for significantly lower price, such as 188$. I believe that this price is fully feasible for any serious online roulette player, as it is even much lower as any meaningful starting deposit.

I can still offer Manitou App LIGHT for very attractive price, considering so far achieved results (last journey #5 with 220% profit), on the other hand price had to be increased, as the previous one was for early birds only, new price 288$. Take your copy for still very low price considering the potential. Once I will start my ultimate challenge with 1000 Euro deposits (10 deposits in total value of 10000 Euro) and if it is again very successful, price of Manitou App LIGHT can easily reach over 1000$. Make your choice.

Price is valid for early current adopters. Grab your copy before the price increase base on the reached results with the App. For LIGHT version I don't limit number of copies. There is no risk to be sold out, but there is a risk for the higher price once proven profits are achieved.

manitou app light

If you have any questions, queries, ideas or hints, I will be happy to answer. You can contact me in 4 languages (English, Deutsch, Cesky, Slovensky).

Email contact:

NOTE: Enjoy the feeling when you always know what to bet on, how much, what is your maximum drawdown in case of unsuccessful progression, what will be your next bet using Variance of Average coefficient, be able to unlimited ways test your MM and algo settings, simply enjoy the time playing online roulette as never before. Be ready to hit RNG hard and take your profit from casinos which you deserve. Let's GO and hit t'em. All general conditions valid for Manitou App apply also for Manitou App LIGHT.

Mutant App

Quick guide for Mutant App

I like the straight forward online RNG roulette systems, I've created complex algorithms in the background and at the same time user friendly UX/UI, easy to maintain Money management and easy to understand the system or any other settings.

Plus since I have developed my unique MM approach called Phantom Bankroll, the results significantly improved and this concept is also part of Mutant App.

If you want to take straight forward approach towards random numbers' sequences generated with online RNG roulette with the best of class MM, Mutant App might be the perfect fit for you and your wise choice. You can follow my LIVE and real money results on my youtube channel VRSEDGE to evaluate the performance and success. As usually I always mention that there is no 100% sure winning system for online roulette and will never be. On the other hand, If you want to compete with RNG, do it smart way and increase your probability of success to maximum.

mutant app online roulette systems

I offer only very limited number of copies for Mutant App. Actually it is only a few. I provide the opportunity for passionate online roulette players to benefit out of my research, and my major aim is to focus on the robust online roulette systems, strategies and money management instead of selling the Apps. Therefore I offer strictly limited number of copies. Take your chance to grab one copy if it is still available. If you would like to play with Mutant App, please send me an email or use BUY NOW button and I will inform you asap whether there are still any copies available. The price is set to 300$ as this was the most common offer from online roulette colleagues. I have discounted price for Mutant App with approx. 33%. The current price is 199$. Happy playing.

If you have any questions, queries, ideas or hints, I will be happy to answer. You can contact me in 4 languages (English, Deutsch, Cesky, Slovensky).

Email contact:

NOTE: All general conditions valid for Manitou App apply also for Mutant App.

Ultimate Portfolio App

Quick video guide for Ultimate Portfolio App

You know that, you found a roulette system, you tested it and even that you realized time to time bigger drawdowns, you persuaded yourself, don't worry, during live play this won't happen, it was just test with 10k rng spins ... Yep, you needed just 2 live sessions to find out that IT happens in reality as well ... How to actually deal with that? How to find a way for smooth equity curve growth playing online rng roulette? How to approach roulette as professional traders approach stock trading?

The answer is straightforward, check the best profit and robustness performing App on the planet Earth, yes, it is Ultimate Portfolio App. You might ask WHY this one?

We've joined our forces together with Jean (passionate online roulette colleague) to develop the app with non-correlated systems, providing maximum diversification of play to reach smooth bankroll growth and minimal drawdowns. Was that successful? Just watch several LIVE real money videos from my play with the App VRSEDGE. I record many and many LIVE sessions to show you, how the app performs and how I challenge RNG in online casinos.

I have tested in total 10+ mio RNG spins to search for the best money management settings for all 4 systems in the App. I played with the first versions of the app live in casinos, to find out the weaknesses and solve them. Yes, it was expensive journey but totally worth it. Because I've ended up with such a great cash cow or money maker with maximum robustness. It is fair to mentioned that neither this App nor any other app can guarantee you profit. Also the App cannot win all the time. At the same time you can generate interesting new income stream just to follow e.g. my long-term strategy and the best of art App. Why? Because I am a living proof :) that's possible. I wouldn't be developing new systems' ideas or working pretty hard on Money management inspired out of trading world, if I wouldn't be already years profitable. Everyone needs motivation and for me to see the success on the online roulette tables using my Apps is great satisfaction.

Make your choice. I offer very limited number of copies. If you decide to purchase the App, please allow me to show the new owners' country on the website here. Of course it will be still fully anonymous because I will show only the country. What's the price, you might ask? Honestly I've been thinking about that quite awhile. UPA is my premium App, I have spent hundreds of hours for development, testing, playing and fine tuning the systems. So it wouldn't be fair to offer the app for low price. As always mentioned from my side, there is no push to buy the App. Take your time, analyse my sessions, think about the systems and make a decision. Whether you will play and most probably generate a profit out of online roulette with UPA is up to you. Meanwhile you can try many roulette systems offers out there (I mean, internet free scams or meaningless ideas from greenhorns). Once you come back upon my websites and UPA is out of stock, there will be still offers for other great apps from my development suite waiting for you to give it a try. Best luck to all of us and don't let online casinos to break you. We are stronger and better prepared :) Howgh.

ultimate portfolio app online roulette systems

Early birds price for Ultimate Portfolio App is 798$. Yes, it is not the small one, as this App is the best on the market opportunity to challenge the online roulette and aim for profit. If you have purchased any App already from me, I can offer you 20% off. (638$ is discounted price for live time license, all new versions, updates, improvements, even new systems are included in this price for you. No other hidden costs or purchases. I wanted to provide UPA systems on renting basis, but so far I provide this unique chance to own the app and hard licensed copy with maximum benefits)

Bonus: On the download page, as the new proud owner of UPA App, you will also get a link to UPA PDF guide, which explains more in details all 4 systems used in the app + advices about Longterm strategy, StopLoss and Profit target.

ultimate portfolio app online roulette systems guide

Ultimate portfolio app has arrived in these countries so far

Great Britain, Greece, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium ...

Note: Discounted price will automatically apply if you purchase the UPA from the paypal address which you used in the past for any other App from me.

If you have any questions, queries, ideas or hints, I will be happy to answer. You can contact me in 4 languages (English, Deutsch, Cesky, Slovensky).

Email contact:

NOTE: All general conditions valid for Manitou App apply also for Ultimate portfolio App.